Samsung will #pwn Apple in 2012

We felt compelled to respond to possibly the most ill-informed blog post on Android vs Apple ever written, by Jonny Evans, where he sets out a terrible case for why Apple’s next iPhones will blow away the competition with their amazing quad-core processor and seamless software-hardware integration.

If you’d like to check out the near 100% concentration of #fail in his article, you can find it here: 2012: Apple’s quad-core iPhone 5 beats Android

In case you didn’t already know, Samsung provide a large percentage of iPhone parts … and despite Apple’s best efforts to find suppliers capable of reproducing the quality and quantity required, they simply could not make enough phones if they didn’t keep buying from Samsung. This is why Apple are so upset that Samsung have gone head-to-head with them with devices *somewhat* similar in design, and why Apple have initiated a crazy game of “chicken” with Samsung in the various intellectual court cases around the world.

Apple’s processors are all based on ARM’s designs and licensed from them. They then tweak it and find someone who can manufacture for them in sufficient quantity. This is basically why Apple can *never* make a processor better than anything Samsung can create, and also why companies like Samsung can bring new processor designs (e.g. the Cortex A15 that is coming soon) to the market faster than Apple. Samsung have a far broader product range than Apple and have shown they can iterate their designs much faster … a case in point is the many incarnations of the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tabs. This is especially true now that Samsung can justify the investment due to their volume and profitability of sales. In Q3 2011, Samsung were the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

So Samsung have all of the key in-house manufacturing, which goes beyond processors and also includes touchscreens. Here, Samsung will again #pwn Apple by having the first tablet with ‘retina’ quality display. Rumours are that at Mobile World Congress in February 2012, Samsung will announce a 11.6 inch tablet running at a stunning 2560 x 1600 resolution with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). It is also rumoured to have the latest Cortex A15 dual-core processor running at 2Ghz. The iPad 3 may be obsolete on the day of release, just as the iPhone 4S was.

Going back to processors, Android devices with the quad-core Nvidia chipset are available now or will be within a week. While these can offer big performance gains over the current dual-core chipsets, it is quite possible that dual-core Cortex A15’s will actually prove to be the CPU of choice in 2012. Nvidia’s “Kal-El” quad-core processor is based on older ARM A9 designs so the A15 may be far superior as well as consume less power. You can’t judge CPUs just on Ghz or number of cores and we can’t wait to compare the two. Initial reports are that the A15 is 40% faster than an A9 chip of the same number of cores and Ghz.

There is no doubt that Samsung (as well as others) can move faster than Apple due to their larger range of smartphones as well as in-house manufacturing capabilities. Apple will continue to be behind the curve on hardware specs and attempt to compensate through user experience, brand loyalty and its biggest advantage … content. In 2012 many Android users will be able to have bragging rights about the power and specs of their smartphones and tablets. Apple has probably know that for some time and hence focusing on new UI innovations like Siri.

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