Android Takes Over in UK

Android is on the brink of having the majority of the UK smartphone market, and has achieved its market share in around 18 months. Interestingly RIM has also overtaken iOS which appears to be in a slow decline.

Even the iPhone has lost out to Android

The trend appears unlikely to change, unless Nokia’s new Windows Phones can make a big splash in the marketplace … which seems unlikely given most Symbian users appear to have already switched loyalties to Android.

50% of all mobile phones in the UK are now smartphones, a figure which is expected to rise over the course of the next two years to 90%.

Apple will likely bounce back somewhat given the release of the iPhone 4S, however seems destined to only ever have the high-end segment of the market as their phones for the masses are horribly under specified compared with what you can get from HTC and Samsung for the same price.

It is interesting to see the difference between the UK market and that of the US where Apple’s share is growing slowly and RIM is suffering far more. Perhaps the UK is a more price sensitive market as it has a higher penetration of smartphones than the US right now. If that is true we might expect the US market to start following the trend set by the UK as less affluent Americans start buying smartphones.

Whatever way you look at it, if in 2 years more than 1/2 of the UK citizens have an Android device in their pocket it may become more likely a lot of the rest will jump on the bandwagon. This is probably why future RIM handsets will run Android apps. We know from Windows that being the best doesn’t guarantee success … a lesson Apple knows painfully well.

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